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"Gratitude is the memory of the heart." 

Jean Baptiste Massieu

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Once Part of the Connors' Estate

World Renowned Bullock's Permaculture Land


The  Bullocks through yearly agreements use much 

of the Connors' Estate to conduct their world famous

Permaculture conferences. The Bullock family has 

brought devoted horticultural development of both 

their land and ours. Underway this spring is an

intense planting of nut trees and a transplanting of

native firs. A passion for sustainable agriculture

intermingled with wildlife preserves is 

a dream coming true.

Permaculture Class Picture

Permaculture Class Picture

 Yes that's an actual Banana tree in Deer Harbor

Yes that's an actual Banana tree in Deer Harbor

Working the edge of the Marsh
  Working the edge of the Marsh  
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  Touring new deep water habitat  

Here's what the Bullocks have to say 

about their projects 

Welcome to our incredible Permaculture site 

on Orcas Island. We have propagated and 

planted thousands of fruit and nut trees, 

along with countless under story shrubs, 

herbs and vines. At every opportunity 

we eat ourselves silly on plums, raspberries, 

apples, and all manner of fruit grown here. 

Our site is featured in Bill Mollison's 

"Global Gardener" video and on the cover 

of Intentional Communities Magazine "Living the 

Permaculture Dream."

Our extensive gardens include annual, biennial and 

perennial vegetables, fruits, medicinals and flowers 

integrated with poultry, orchards, nurseries and 

native habitat. We have been gardening and 

improving our soil for over 18 years. Our aim is 

to minimize labor and other inputs into our gardens 

while maximizing the yields.


Questions about Bullocks or permaculture?

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